Avoid generating pages / URLs for not translated pages

Hi there!
There is one thing I wonder since we build our marketing site with Kirby:
How to avoid generating pages for not translated pages. For SEO reasons I just do not want that there is a accessible URL for a page that shows fallback language. It also shows up in the Sitemap.
I know it is possible to make the language switch in the footer aware, which translations exist. And it is probably possible to tweak the Sitemap.
But why not solving the root problem? Why not disable these “fallback” pages?
Thanks in advance! – Martin

It might not always be the desired result to disable the fallback pages. You could, however, check in the header if the translation exists, and if not, redirect to the error page.

Ok thanks, sounds it is not possible to “disable” these URLs. Mh … then we probably need to treat the symptoms like the Sitemap.
But thanks anyway! – Martin