How to hide "translated" pages if not translated?

I have a multi-language site but not all pages have an equivalent translation (such as individual blog posts). Is there a solution that excludes translated pages if not translated? I’m aware of this one solution where you add a toggle(true/false) field that can control translated pages. But as far as I’m aware this would still create an URL that is accessible by everyone.

It has been a while since the last time I’ve worked with Kirby. Now I’m back and came to this multilanguage issue.

I think there was an isTranslated() in Kirby 2 but I haven’t found the equivalent for Kirby 3.

I believe you should be able to do that applying this filter function on a Pages collection:

Thank you @sebastiangreger! This is it!

If anyone is interested my current solution with starter kit notes looks like this

$translatedPages = page('notes')->children()->filter(function ($child) {
  return $child->translation(kirby()->language()->code())->exists();

<?php foreach ($translatedPages->listed()->sortBy('date', 'desc') as $note): ?>
  <a href="<?= $note->url() ?>">
    <h2><?= $note->title() ?></h2>
    <time><?= $note->date()->toDate('d F Y') ?></time>
<?php endforeach ?>