Prevent output of certain language pages

I have a site where most pages are in Dutch and English. But Some of the pages are only in Dutch.
I want to ‘disable’ the English page and hide the languageswitch on the Dutch page.
Navigating in the English site I want not to see the English page in the navigation.
Is there a smart solution out of the box or do I have to add something in my blueprint to cover this?

The easiest way I would choose:
Add a toggle field to the blueprint(s) and use it to hide the desired pages.
The toggle field is only operable in the main language.

    label: "Hide english page?"
    type: toggle
    default: false
      - "show me"
      - "hide me"
    translate: false

Since I do not know your template for the menu and the language switch, I can only illustrate the simple output:

<?php if($kirby->language()->code() == 'en' && $page->toggle()->toBool() === true): ?>
hide me
<?php endif ?>

I’m sure there are other solutions.
My example is one of them.

If you can be sure there is no translation file, you could also work based on that, i.e. checking if the translation file is present or not. Will not work for only partly translated pages that do have an almost empty translation.

The first solution is indeed a possibilty, but not the one that I hope for. The second should fit, but I could not find the method to test whether is translation is made or not.

When I have no translation I have a file but not the file album.en.txt.
At that point I did not want to show my language switch in the navigation bar.
I asked in all available languages (nl and en): $language->exists()
For both languages I got true. Maybe I missed the point?

returns a contenttranslation object (ContentTranslation | Kirby CMS), then you can check if this exists.

if ($page->translation('en')->exists())

does work well. With more languages I can show the available languages.
Maybe something for a ‘multilanguage cookbook’?

My final code:

<?php foreach($kirby->languages() as $language): ?>			
	<?php if ($page->translation($language->code())->exists()) : ?>
		<li class=langswitch">
			<?php if ($language != $kirby->language()) : ?>
				<a href="<?= $page->urlForLanguage($language) ?>" hreflang="<?= $language->code() ?>">	
			<?php endif; ?>
				<span class="langname <?php e($language == $kirby->language(), ' active') ?>"><?= $language->name() ?></span>
				<span class="langcode <?php e($language == $kirby->language(), ' active') ?>"><?= $language->code() ?></span>
				<span class="screenreader-only" <?php e($language == $kirby->language(), ' aria-current=true') ?>><?= $language->name() ?></span>
			<?php e($language != $kirby->language(), '</a>') ?>
	<?php endif; ?>
<?php endforeach ?>

For an environment with more then 2 languages I prefer another solution. First showing a button as used in . After activating all available languages are shown in a dropdown.