At what point in the development cycle should we enter the licence?

When we register a Kirby 3 site, can we move that site from local server to staging server to production server without loosing or affecting the licence? Can we add the licence as soon as we get it, while we’re still doing changes in our local copies, and add it to the git repository, or should we wait until the site is up on the production server to license it?

At what point in the development cycle should we enter the licence?

When you can’t stand seeing that constant reminder to enter the license anymore?

Wouldn’t do that unless it is a private repository.

Thank you once again, @texnixe! Was afraid of registering locally and then not being able to move the licensed site to the production server…

Indeed, being able to have private repositories for client projects was one of the reasons why we chose to go with GitLab several years ago. :+1:

If someone needs an alternative to Gitlab, Bitbucket has had free private repos for years and Github just recently enabled free private repos without needing to pay for Github.

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Please note that the licenses are registered based on the current domain name and base path (specific subdomains like staging are ignored though). So the registered license will become invalid again once you move the site to a completely different domain. But you can of course register it again.

In the future, there may be a limitation on the number of registrations, so I think it makes sense to register it once the base domain is final.

Thank you, @lukasbestle - that’s exactly the kind of advice I needed. We’ll wait until final deployment in the production server before registering. :+1: