"Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported"

I’m upgrading one of my larger sites from Kirby 3.5 to 3.6; I upgraded from PHP 7.3 to 7.4 at the same time. After making both of these changes, all is great on the frontend. However, whenever I make any changes to any content in the panel, I get the following error.


I know this is a simple deprecation due to PHP 7.4, but I can’t seem to locate the source of the error. I’m sure this is a very dumb question, but how can I trace this to its source? Is there a log I am missing?

Thanks for any help.

Maybe you can check your php error log for more detailed information.

Other options:

  • full text search in your (custom) code
  • use a static code analyzer

Good grief! I had checked my php error logs and didn’t see anything there, so I assumed panel errors were not being logged there. I re-checked and it is there now. Not sure what I was missing before.

Easy fix once I got to the error log. Turns out the curly brackets were in an old version of your very own “related” plugin, Sonja! ha. Thanks for the quick help.

Hi, I got the same error with the Related plugin. It’s pretty easy to fix it, but being an “official” Kirby plugin, maybe you want to know it…


The issue has long been fixed (in January 2021).

Other than that, that’s a plugin I created years ago and it’s not an official Kirby plugin at all, but released under my own name. I should probably archive it.