Api System Install not accessible

When I try to access the /api/system/install I get the following error:

{"status":"error","exception":"Exception","message":"No route found for path: \"system\/install\" and request method: \"GET\"","file":"by\/src\/Http\/Router.php","line":145,"code":404,"route":null}

I’ve created the /site/accounts/ folder. That was the error preceding this error.

I’m using the normal .htaccess file as per starter kit.

What should I do?

What are you trying to do? The endpoint only accepts a POST request.

@texnixe I’m trying to load the install page. I have to install the v3 license file. As it’s no longer in the config file.

So you have filled in the registering modal in the Panel and then the error message appears? Or what are the steps to reproduce?

  1. I load my website with the corresponding url: website.com/api/system/install
  2. The page shows the error where the route is null as per my first post
  3. I am able to load the panel, which gives error that I fixed, now I can log in to my account.

It looks as if it was already installed or something and then tried to access the panel. I can add the license via the panel now. I have to repeat this on our production environment. But I think it will work fine. Thanks.

Ok, but website.com/api/system/install is not the URL to call if you want to install the Panel. If you go to website.com/panel if the Panel is not installed yet, you will be redirected to the install page automatically.

Once you have accounts and you upload them to a new server location, there is no need to install the Panel again

What made you think you had to call the API to install the Panel?