I get "The JSON response from the API could not ..." with a fresh starterkit on a webserver

Hi there,

I’ve tried to install a clean starterkit (3.5.1) site on a webserver but i did not get the panel to run. When i try to install kirby, register the admin account, i receive after the form submit an " The JSON response of the API could not be parsed:" error.

The error in the dev console is “https://www.domain.tld/api/system/install 403 (Forbidden)” and give as result {"status":"error","message":"No route found for path: \"system\/install\" and request method: \"GET\"","code":404,"exception":"Exception","key":null,"file":"\/kirby\/src\/Http\/Router.php","line":154,"details":[],"route":null}

The Kirby Frontend is up and running, but the panel is not useable.

CleanShot 2021-05-14 at 23.06.07

If you want to install the Panel on a remote server, you have to allow it in your config file. Did you do that?

On a side note, your Kirby version is no up-to-date, current version is 3.5.5.

yes i did, i get the “install form” to register an admin account

CleanShot 2021-05-14 at 23.16.02

i realized right now it and updated to 3.5.5 as well, but the error is still there.

Question is why it looks for the GET method when the system/install route is a POST route.

I guess the webserver is not well set up. Do i need some special php extensions to get it up and running?

I wonder if it is a files/folder permissions or ownership issue.

Have you installed accounts locally before and uploaded them?

In the first step yes but as i saw the error, i’ve installed a fresh starterkit to see if i have produce the error. was the same result, both times.

Permissions seams to work for the moment, the /media folder was created and filled automatically after load the frontend. Anyway i check it right now and set the folder/files to 770 - no effect in the panel.

But what about file ownership?

they have the same ownership, group and permission as the folders

But who owns the files/folders? www-data?

its a shared hosting environment, the owner is the user

What do you get in the network tab when trying to create a user? Also, could you post the headers from the request? Can you see that a cookie is set?

A session cookie is set, the app.js get’s in the network tab an 403 error. I’ve attached some screenshots.

CleanShot 2021-05-15 at 13.52.52

Who is your hosting provider?

If you use a REST client and send a POST request to yourdomain/api/system/install, what response to you get? I find it weird that hitting the submit button should send a GET request, as if somehow POST requests were not allowed.

evanzo hosting, but it doesn’t matter anymore. We will transfer everything to another hoster were kirby systems running out of the box and without strange errors :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support!

Sounds like a good decision, the website of that provider doesn’t really look reassuring.

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