Any tips on getting started with Kirby? (coming from Webflow)

Hi everyone.

Has anyone ever used Webflow and their code export option as a starting point for Kirby?

… or is it better to just start from a blank slate? (this would probably be above my skill level if I’m being honest)

Always liked the look of Kirby and only ever hear good things about it so any advice helpful - Thanks!

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I have no experience whatsoever with Webflow, so can’t tell.

Kirby requires you to write your HTML and your styles yourself, with a bit of PHP to get the logic in.

The best starting point is our annotated Starterkit and the guide. Everything else is just trying it out and asking specific questions here when you get stuck. We are here to help.

Welcome to our community.

@texnixe Thanks!

You came to right place :slight_smile: I know Webflow quite well, and actually when I found Kirby, I though that it’s great alternative to Webflow expensive hosting and limited CMS.

Yes, it’s good starting point. You will have ready HTML files with all other assets (CSS, JS), and to make them work with Kirby, you will just have to “inject” necessary content inside your files. For example if in Webflow template you’ll have this fragment <H1>My website</H1>, then you change it to <H1><?= $page->title() ?></H1> (sure can be different code, but just to give idea), and then in your page blueprint you have to add field “title” (which is just writing few lines), and it dinamically shows title. For Webflow “collections” you would need to use php “foreach”. Even not being programmer, it’s easy to understand by examples.

It will take time and stress to learn in the beginning, but then work is smooth and nice.

Hope to see your first converted project soon!


This step can be skipped in Kirby 3 due to the fact that the title field is always existing for every blueprint, even if you don’t define it inside your blueprint. This behavior is different to the old Kirby 2 behavior.

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Ah, ok, but still, that’s the concept how to display fields, that are editable in CMS.

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@Roman and @warg This is great, thank you. Think I just have to experiment as I go - especially with PHP :cold_sweat:

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Don’t worry. It’s not too hard due to Kirby 3 taking care of the complex stuff :wink: . On top of that we have an excellent support where I have to admit that it’s one of the best support teams I ever had to deal with and I have to deal with many support teams regularly (a special thanks to the great @texnixe!).


Great, good support makes such a difference - thanks again!

For anyone who might have a similar question to me and finds this post - @bastianallgeier has some really useful videos here.

Yes, the videos are great. I’ve started on Saturday with the video and Plainkit - and I’m pretty close to my goal. Highly recommended! :+1:

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Having gone through everything, a lot I can’t wrap my head around from setting up Kirby to setting up VPS etc.

… so at this moment best I leave it, might have a look again at Kirby in the future - just wanted to post back here to say thanks to everyone for your input and feedback. :+1:

Hello, Roman! This is the best idea, however I’m not a coder, even if I’m quite comfortable with webflow. Can you recommend any tutorials or examples that would make it easier to use Webflow with Kirby? Thank you in advance. :slight_smile: