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Good Sunday everyone.
For the Mac users out there who are also Alfred users (and if you’re a mac user and NOT an Alfred user you’re doing something wrong with your life :grin:) I made a simple workflow to search through the documentation of the official Kirby site directly from the app.

It’s very simple. You just type K to activate the workflow…

…then search whatever you need to search…

…hit enter and you’re done

Nothing super fancy, just a simple tool to speed up the search process.
It’s on my dropbox if you want to give it a try


Very practical. Thank you! :slight_smile:

That might be a reason to update to alfred 3 :wink: Thank’s for your work

Very nice. I’m still on Alfred 2, but it works there in a different way too. Just create a custom Web-Search in the Settings-Panel under Features.

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This is the way I’m doing it, too. And for the forum:{query}

And that’s exactly what I did :slight_smile:
Was just sharing the snippet this way one can simply add it and they’re done :wink:

Edit: I used the workflow only because it’s a bit more flexible

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Works like a charm - thanks!

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If you’re on Windows, you should try the excellent Wox:

To add Kirby docs and forum searches, go to the settings (right click > settings), open the plugin tab and scroll down to the web searches plugin. There you’ll be able to add your searches, it should look like this:


Very nice! Thanks for posting.

For everyone who is using DASH - it integrates well with Alfred and has a kirby-docs package integrated. :slight_smile:

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Cool, custom searches are very handy and something I used Alfred for all the time.

Then I discovered you could do the custom searches directly in the Chrome Omnibox. If you use custom searches regularly (and use Chrome) you might want to have a looksie.