Microblogging with Kirby

Has anyone experimented with implementing Micro-blogging in Kirby?

I’m interested in finding a workflow to publish small updates, which are not really full-posts. Something like what Manton Reece is doing…

The idea would be to use a simple notes app like IFTTT’s Do Note app so I can create tiny posts from my phone.

I can imagine using a simple database for something like that. The file structure might also work, but using a database can be faster for very many very short items. But yeah, why not?

I remembered there was a workflow for Kirby 1, so here is the link, it might be a starting point:


I also found this workflow which uses the Alfred app on Mac, so it’s not quite what you are looking for, but nonetheless: https://plausiblethought.net/creating-new-blog-posts-with-an-alfred-workflow/

If you like that alfred-workflow let me know. I did some improvements on it (correct count of folders, template etc). If you are interested, I’ll put it on GitHub.

First of all, thanks to all of you!

I like the idea of the Alfred workflow, though my #1 goal would be to publish microblogs from my phone (iPhone) or from an iPad.

I’m not super comfortable coding a lot: I generally look at code and try to understand and tweak what I can. So I’ll have a look at these different solutions and see what might be the best thing for me to try…