Plugin request: Live Search

Hi, I’m currently playing around with different search options:
Kirbys on-board search is powerful but is not incredibly smart.

I would like a search with live results that’s also context aware. Something like Kirbys docs search which is powered by Algolia. Algolia is very powerful but also expensive and a third party solution.

Could you think of a solution that’s somewhere in the middle?

I have found Fuse.js which is a fuzzy search library but I have no clue how to implement into Kirby.

I think this can help you:

Kirby can output JSON… Tipue can search it. I’m sure someone here can help you get the JSON in the right format. Tipue’s static mode that uses cgi rather then JSON seems to be very fast, and i dont think you would need a plugin.

@RDR Did you ever get this working?

I’d be interested in this, too.

Maybe the new Kirby Fuse Search plugin is interesting for you. If you combine that with an Ajax call when the user enters some letters, you probably get what you want?