Need help with: Live Search Kirby

I like to get a function similar to the Kirby search of plugins: Plugins | Kirby CMS

I already tried using something like the link below, but I can’t get it working.

Is there someone that can help me with setting up the AJAX, config.php etc?
Or somebody that has a working example for me?

Thanks in advance.

IIRC the Kirby website uses as search provider. I think they support this kind of thing in their API. Have a look at their docs.

if you want to search through a capsuled stack of items like on the pluginsite.
There you have a stack of listitems it is possible by using some JS Plugin like
But if you want this for your whole site, you need a search index. For this you can use a service like or you need to install a searchengine like


@bvdputte & @JanStieler.

Thanks a lot for you help! I just tried List JS. Works like a charm: