Adobe XD wireframes for Kirby

I’ve been heavily involved with a Kirby project for around 6 Months now which involves a lot of panel changes/customization. I have created Adobe XD panel wireframes if they would be of any use to someone. They may need neatening up slightly which I’ll get around to but if anyone would like them then I could put them online or available as a download?
At the moment they include full panel functionality which may come in useful for showing potential clients/existing clients etc

If these were for Sketch app I would be all over it. Personally I got out of the Adobe ecosystem a couple of years back due to constant bugs, huge bloated software and terrible interfaces - not to mention the high price.

For those looking a cost effective set of tools as an alternative to Adobe CC, I can highly recommend Affinity and Sketch App. If you need to quickly create working mockups, Macaw is a great tool for this, particularly now that it seems to be free!.

You’ve got me interested in making a Sketch version of this… maybe soon.

Free, yes, but no longer developed.

Sure, but the tech got purchased by InVision and will re-appear under another name at some stage. Also, the final version of Macaw is still supported. I think i paid £120 for Macaw before they got bought by InVision. It’s a solid tool.

Adobe XD is pretty lightweight compared to the rest of the adobe package. I quite like it and saying as I subscribe to CC it made sense to use it for this particular project. :slightly_smiling_face:

@MinmlCo I’d be interested, so if you’d be so kind as to share them somewhere, that’d be nice.

Sure, I’ll neaten up a few of the rough edges and make sure all the layers are properly named then will put a download link up on this thread!


Awesome! thanks for sharing, will be nice to see.

I got some great news (…at least for the Sketch users among us). As we are heading towards the next big version of Kirby, I am working on a Sketch file right now, that will finally become a UI Kit for Kirby’s website and the panel. I cannot tell you much more details for now, but it’s a great idea to share it with our community once Kirby Next is ready for primetime! Stay tuned :sunglasses: