Adding a site to a server

Hello, when uploading a site made in kirby CMS, is it enough to upload the file to the hosting?
Can I upload my own htaccess to the hosting or does kirby CMS have some?

And one more question, once I buy the license will I be able to add specific roles to users, because for now I can only add a user to the kirby panel as an administrator.

Have a great day!


basically dropping your site onto the server is all you have to do as long your webhost fills the requirements: Get up and running | Kirby CMS
Which should be the case i guess.
In your kirby root folder there already should be a htaccess where you can add your redirects etc.

Buying a license will not add any features to your kirby installation, you have access to any of those already. If you want to have more roles, you have to define them: Roles | Kirby CMS


ok, thank you very much for your answer