Install Kirby on live server

Hi just wondering if it´s, create user, sftp upload all files from local dev (mamp) to live server, put everything in “public_html” (webroot) (using starterkit)? Can´t find anything in the docs about “deployment” or “go live” or “install on LIVE server”… it only covers local development… Perhaps adding som docs on “deployment” both with git and simple sftp…

You have to put everything in “root/public” ? You can´t upload folders (panel, kirby…) ABOVE root ? For better security for instance ? Having index.php and assets (css, js…) in public, and the rest ABOVE root?

It’s difficult to create docs for that since every host might implement different methodologies.

Globally it’s as you describe: upload your /htdocs folder (or whatever your local folder is called - but the folder with the .htaccess file in) to your webserver root folder via FTP (or whatever you please to transfer it there).

If all minimum server requirements are met, you should be able to browse your site from the URL.

You can alter Kirby to use a custom folder structure as you please:

It’s pretty easy to re-arrange the folder structure. Theres a guide in the docs for this. Im sure i’ve seen an example somewhere on Github that puts everything above the public folder for further security. I cant remember who did it.

ahhh awesome!! thanks @jimbobrjames and @bvdputte ! Probably the best forum in the world… :slight_smile:

@H-i Your welcome. I just remembered who did it! Take a look at this repo.

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