Public folder set up, missing kirby in path?

Following Configuration | Kirby CMS to set up Kirby above webroot threw a lot of errors. I assume this might be a typo?

include __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

and should be

include __DIR__ . '/../kirby/vendor/autoload.php';


That is, if you keep the kirby folder as it is, this is what works for me in a local mamp set up:

- content
- kirby
- site
- public_html
   - assets
   - media
   - index.php

It depends on the setup. I think the first is correct for a composer based setup.

Isn’t that a bit confusing? It says:

In our Starterkit, we offer a flat setup that installs all folders directly in the document root of your server.

No word about composer or the way Kirby is installed.

Yes, it makes sense to fix it. Was just trying to figure out why that path was used.

Ok, thanks (It’s a shame if people get discouraged by the errors to not implement this)

I already fixed it, unfortunately, some things slip through unnoticed.