Abbreviation-tag in editor field "Writer"?

Is there a possibility to add <abbr> to the WYSIWYG editor Writer as a simple button (like for links)? Especially for accessibility cases it would be quite necessary to have this.

OR (probably a bit more complicated)…

Is there a way to add a glossary-function with a automatic replacement of words/phrases, which are listed in a separated textfile? Something like "WORD" -> "EXPLANATION TEXT"; in a separated document. If “WORD” exists in a regular public post, it will be wrapped with <abbr></abbr> and the title= is (in case of “WORD”) the phrase “EXPLANATION TEXT”.

Hi, welcome to the forum:

There is this plugin: GitHub - rasteiner/oh-hi-mark: Enables the inclusion of custom Writer field marks

Alternatively, you could for example use a syntax like {{ key: value }} and then do string replacements on output.

Thanks for the quick reply and the suggestions!

I’m afraid, but to me it seems that both plugins are more footnote marks, right?

I just search for an easy way to let users/editors chose an abbreviation-tag (<abbr>) for words/phrases they have marked in the “Writer”-Field. As I mentioned it should be fool-proof and every editor in the backend can use it without any programming skills. Like a simple link-tag you can set: mark the word, click it, enter content, ok. Ready.

The extension you mentioned looks also more like a plugin for a plugin. And I have no clue to program a plugin for kerby, so I hoped there could be an easy solution for that.

No, they are plugin boilerplates that allow you to (more easily) create your own marks for the writer field. But yes, you would have to code your own abbr mark based on the footnote example.

Understand, thanks for the reply. But that hints won’t help me due to the reasons I have no time and I have too less knowledge about kirby’s code, that I could do that alone.