A visual image clip/crop area selector

Select and save clip/crop area and thumbnail dimensions in the panel.

K3-image-clip on Github


Check out the new release v2.0.0

  • Added Kirby 3.2.5 files field features (upload / srcset / …)


  • Works now inside structure fields
  • Resize of portrait format now correct
  • Clip modal is not closed anymore when dragging mouse outside dialog
  • Can replace files field and vice versa

Hello, thank you for this great plugin !

Is there is a way to use it with pictures embedded into a textarea?


Hi @Hans, what is a picture embedded into a textarea?

Hi Moeli,
I mean with the kirby tag :

(image: myawesomepicture.jpg)

into a text field.

At the moment, there is no support for the editor / markdown or kirbytags.

From Version 3.0.0 this plugin is compatible with Kirby 3.6