Kirby Image Crop Field

This plugin provides a field for cropping images visually and very flexibly.


What is the difference to the image clip field by @moeli?

First of all: @moeli’s plugin is a very great plugin. Historically, my plugin was developed for kirby-v2 but never published. Since my client wanted me to switch to kirby-v3, I had to port the plugin, as well. In the middle of that process, @moeli’s plugin came to my attention. I considered to use it and to abandon the development/port of mine. Unfortunately, I came to the conclusion that switching to mullema/k3-image-clip would be quite cumbersome in regards of the different way and philosophy on how the crop data is stored. So I decided to finish my plugin and to publish it anyway.

Basically, @moeli’s plugin provides a field based on the files field and adds the clip/crop functionality.

As such, the field is added to page blueprints. The field allows first to select the desired images and then to crop them. References to these images as well as the corresponding crop data is stored along with the page data.

In contrast, my plugin provides a field than can be used in file blueprints. As such, one has not to select the image from a list first and the crop data is stored along with the image.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find an appropriate way to use mullema/k3-image-clip in a file blueprint.

From that perspective, I see these plugins as complementary. But seen the rough plans for kirby v3.3.0 these plugins might become obsolete, anyways.

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@steirico Thanks for elaborating. I think knowing the differences helps people to choose the right plugin for their purpose, that’s the reason why I was asking.