Image Crop Field Plugin + API Request

hey, i’m trying to use the mage Crop Field Plugin by @steirico in combination with the kirby kql api to access the cropped image.

unfortunatley this doesn’t work:

    "query": "page('galerie').children",
    "select": {
        "images": "page.images.croppedImages"

has someone tried this before? or is basically possible to query also for random plugin-querys with the api?

There is no croppedImages method, maybe try


I’ve tooked the croppedImage from the blueprint-query-example here.

The proposed filterby approach is giving me this:

{"status":"error","message":"Trying to access array offset on value of type null","code":2,"key":null,"details":[]}

Exactly, as the readme explains, this is a file method, so you can call it on a single file, not on a collection of images. I would have expected that it is also possible to filter by this method somehow.

Thanks @texnixe for the quick response. I will now look for another solution for cropping images in the panel and getting the result via the API.