500 server error when accessing panel (Ubuntu 16.04 LAMP on Digital Ocean)

I’m having a 500 server error when trying to access the panel, I have used Kirby loads of times before and always use a similar server setup, however my usual fixes aren’t working here.

I’m using the LAMP Stack on 16.04 on Digital Ocean
I have mod_rewrite enabled
I have configured the site to work from a subfolder (although when doing a test not in a subfolder, it doesn’t make any difference
I have verified the .htaccess isn’t being ignored (when I paste in broken code it breaks the site, and I have also made sure that AllowOverride is enabled
I have tested with a blank Kirby installation freshly downloaded, and the issue was the same

Has anyone had similar issues with this Kirby release? I have never had this issue before, and with other sites with the same or very similar server setup, it has never been difficult. Pulling my hair out :frowning:

The php mb_string extension is installed/enabled? Be careful with your hair :wink:

haha I literally just figured this out (typical post a question and suddenly remember the answer situation). I think I vaguely remember once spent like half a day about 6 months ago doing this also. Thanks so much anyway though! Still have most of my hair

Also, maybe there should be a not about this in the panel documentation, as it’s a pretty hard one to figure out…

Well, it’s actually in the requirements section… But I have added a note in the troubleshooting section as well now.

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