404 at /panel after upload

I’ve just bought and uploaded all the files to my webserver (VPS) and /panel doesn’t work. Other subpages are ok.
All invisible files like .htaccess are there.
All modules like mod_rewrite are enabled.
All permissions (644 for files, 755 for folders) are set.
Tried everything I could find at this forum — doesn’t work =(
Help me please.

Update: after all manipulations all subpages shows 404.

Your server environment might need RewriteBase to be set to either / or the respective subfolder /subfolder.

See Installation issues | Kirby CMS

Tried. Doesn’t work.
Now I totally misunderstand the situation.

Did you try to upload the plainkit or the starterkit without any changes to test if it’s a general problem or something you changed?

Thanks for the link!
I’ve edited apache2.conf — AllowOverride all.
Seems like it works now. But… why doesn’t work /panel previously?..