Zombie content upon save

When I save the content in the text area (witch I use for the filter to see if the page should be visible), it reappears after successfully saving the content again. Any ideas why?

Have you set translate: optional? Without this setting, the text from the default language reappears as a sort of “translation helper”.

That was the trick. No I did even know about it. Can I also use true/false here? If so what is expected behaviour?

Translate: true is the default, translate: false makes the field readonly in all but the default language


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Found your post for some time back here… I post it here for others that comes later.

Thank you for quick answers @texnixe :smile:

Last question here. Is this “translation-helper” only applied to the textareas or everythere? Since the tag field did not have the same issue?

No, the same should happen with the tags field. Are you sure there were tags in the default language?

Not 100%, but I have deleted the page for now. :slight_smile:

Well, anyway, in my test in a starterkitm the tags also popped up after deleting them…

Have a nice. day. or evening (don’t know what time it is your place), I’ll. be gone. now.

I am after you talking about time. So here it is evening. Enjoy your time off.