YouTube-Tags not respecting panel order

On one of our pages, we recently switched from embedding YouTube-Videos by using the video-tag to the plugin GitHub - schnti/kirby3-video: A plugin for Kirby 3 CMS to embed content from YouTube without compromising privacy. for privacy reasons. After the change, the videos are rendered before all the other content in the same field. Following Custom kirbytags don't respect order when rendered I have removed all whitespace from the plugin template (although I did not see additional pre tags in the resulting HTML), to no avail. Is this a plugin or a kirby issue, or is there something I have to change how I’m using custom KirbyTags? Is anybody else having issues with this?

In the panel:
Some text
(youtube: someYTID)
Some more text
(youtube: someotherYTID)

Rendered output:

<div class="youtube-container">...</div>
<div class="youtube-container">...</div>
<p>Some text</p>
<p>Some more text</p>