Work with invisible pages

Hi everyone.

I like to work with an invisible subpage like this: ‘_my-hidden-page’.
Is there a page-method to get that page from parent?

Something like this: $page->children()->filterBy('visible', 'false');


i think you are looking for a way to show all drafts, right?

Not really.
There are 3 kind of status: listed, unlisted & draft.
But there are also invisible:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-17 um 10.05.29

My goal is to create a page that the panel user will never see.
With the parameter 'dirname' => '_invisible' you can easily create such a page.
But how to access it again?

I don’t think it’s intended to be used like that. It’s more a Kirby internal thing.

If you want to create a specific page that are invisible for users in the panel; you should add read: false to its blueprint via the blueprint options.

If you want it to be invisible for certain roles only, check out permissions.

Thx, bro…