Kirby hides my pages in panel

Actually, enough said. I create a page. Then it is visible via the panel. But then I change something on the templates and it disappears. I can then only call it up via the URL in the panel.

I have to say, the new version 3 is much harder to understand than the old one. A lot happens automatically and I want the simplicity and control back from before.

This is my yml

Title: Roadmap
preset: page

draft: Draft
listed: Published

Why its hidden in the panel? Even hide: false doesn’t seem to have any effect. This happens several times to me.

Btw. this page is published. I would understand if it were a hidden page.


I found the solution. You have to edit the site.yml and add your template to template section. I think this isn’t very intuitive. It reminds me to TYPO3 when you start a template with search google for: “why is my template blank”. So new users start facing with problems. V2 was easier to handle in this way. I hope my question was not that stupid. But for me its not obvious I had to add it to this file.

I see your problem, maybe we can explain some subtleties of the Starterkit in a future cookbook recipe.

From my point of view, the Starterkit is a bit of balancing act between making at easy to start with Kirby while at the same time trying to show some of the possibilities you can achieve with Kirby on a still quite basic level. So sometimes you have to dig a bit deeper and check out the docs to get a better understanding of how things work.