Width for checkbox field not used

Hey there!

I just extended my default.yml blueprint a bit, and currently it looks like this one:

    en: Page
    de: Seite

icon: file
pages: default

    		de: Menütitel
    		en: Menu title
    	tyoe: title

        	de: Seitenüberschrift
        	en: Page headline
        type: text
        icon: font
        width: 3/4
    	type: checkbox
    		de: Sichtbarkeit
    		en: Visibility
    		de: Seitenüberschrift anzeigen
    		en: Show page headline
        width: 1/4

    text: text

Unfortunately the width attribute for my checkbox seems not to be excepted. It is always shown in full width.

When I have a look into the webinspector it shows me that this has a field-grid-item CSS class instead of a field-grid-item-1-4 for my case.

So I wonder if this a Kirby bug or if I did something wrong?

That’s probably some sort of indentation error. If I throw your above code it into a project, I have the same issue but once indented correctly, it works.

There’s a typo, by the way, “em” should be “en”

And another one

Oh, that was fast! Wrong indentation was the reason… :man_facepalming:t2:
Thanks a lot!