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I’m trying to use checkboxes in my blueprint to enable multiple select of categories. However when I add the type:checkboxes to my blueprint I get the follow error "Field misconfiguration: checkboxes field is broken"
I can get it to work with the ‘Checkbox’ type for 1 option, but not having any luck with the following.

title: Job article
files: true
    label: Title
    type:  text
    width: 1/2
    required: true
      min: 4
      max: 140
      - alphanum
    label:  Date
    type:   date
    width:  1/2
    format: MM/DD/YYYY
    required: true
    label: Location
    type:  text
    label: Description
    type:  textarea
    required: true
    label: Categories
    type: checkboxes
      design: Design
      architecture: Architecture
      photography: Photography
      3d: 3D
      web: Web

anyone help me out please?


Hey there! I’ve never seen this error message although I have broken quite a few fields myself!

Can you try to copy your code with the proper indentation? You can paste it, select the code button in the editor <> and it will make it look great!
The reason I’m asking this is twofold: it’ll help for legibility and it may just be an indentatio problem (yaml is picky).

The above code looks alright and works. So this is weird. I just tested by copying/pasting this into a test installation. But as @Thiousi suggested, you might still have an indentation problem in your blueprint.


Turns out I was working with an old version of Kirby, updated to the latest and it all works fine. thanks for you help :slight_smile:

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Good news! Which version was that ?

Sorry, I believe it was version 1.1.2. thanks

Oh, that was Kirby 1, then. All the documentation refers to Kirby 2 only.

Yep, it makes sense that it wasn’t working !

BTW: All official Kirby 2 repos (kirby, panel, kits,) can be found in one place: the getkirby organization on GitHub. The plugins have their own home: