Who can provide migration Kirby 2.2.3 to Kirby 3 as a paid service?

Hi Kirby-Community.

we run falcon5.ch with Kirby v 2.2.3 and PHP 7.4.

We bought a Kirby3 license. We tried to make a migration from 2 to 3 b our own, but we are not the creator of the website and the migration is too complex for us.

Can anyone offer a migration for our website falcon5.ch from 2.2.3 to newest v3 as a service? We can provide all files and you do it?
What would be the price for that?

Thanks a lot

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I already did a few Kirby 2 > 3 migrations, and the “hardest” part was always porting functionality added by plugins, so it might be interesting to list the used plugins in K2 to let interested devs estimate correctly.

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No plugins are run currently.

Depending on the amount of templates & blueprints, this shouldn’t be that hard to do then. Just to be sure: have you seen https://getkirby.com/docs/cookbook/setup/migrate-site ?

Hi Bart,

i wrote you a eMail to mail@bartvandeputte.be.
Yes, we tried to make the migration by our own according to

but it was to complex or time intensive to make it. We are no Kirby experts and first need to understand the whole concept of v2, then the concept of v3 and then make adjustments. Therefore we are looking for an expert to buy this migration as a service :wink:

hi jürgen. i can help you with the migration and did send you a PM.

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Thanks, but I’m short on time atm. I’m sure @bnomei will do a great job


Can also recommend @bnomei!