Whats wrong with getkirby-themes.com

getkirby-themes.com has new content. No more themes.
Was it hacked or is there a new site for themes?

@jonabaptistella Is there a problem with the certificate?

What you are seeing is the personal page of the getkirby-themes.com website owner. For me, the page is blocked because of a wrong certificate.

That‘s why I addressed my post at @jonabaptistella, because he‘s the website owner

Guess he will take care of it and the website will be up again soon (but it’s. still very early morning in his part of the world).

Hi guys! :slight_smile:

@hank I changed some settings on the server yesterday, and I was not aware it affected this page. So nothing was hacked. You just got the wrong SSL certificate. Sorry about it and I have of course corrected it now. And thank you for letting me know. :wink:

@texnixe Thank you adding me to the tread here. Yes, just wrong SSL. I made this happen while trying to fix another problem. :blush: How good is your SSL / apache skills?