Solid theme: wrong pricing on explained

Why is the price for the solid theme $ 12,-- and when i order $ 25

@Thousi, is this an error? If so, could you pls. correct your pricing scheme on

Some clarification is necessary here…
@digsnipat, there is no cheating here. The price you see when you’re being asked for your credit card is what you’ll be charged. That’s it.
There is however a difference between the price on and on gumroad or creative market as I manage the price on the marketplaces but not on To change that, I have to send an email request to the independent manager of that website. I have forgotten to do so. And that’s a mistake on my part.
I’ll send him a message right away.
Meanwhile next time please just send me a message if you’re in doubt. If you contact me at the provided email address I can send you a discount to match the price on the website.

Update: discount code sent.

solved thanx for the quick intervention

bought and installed and get an error
internal server error

Note when i only install kirby everything works 100 %

Did you install locally or on a live server?
Did you install at the root level or in a folder?
Without more information I can’t help you.

Live server folder public_html


Can you set that folder path in your htaccess?
Also, we may want to take this conversation in a private discussion. The forum is for Kirby discussion not for theme support. Please send me a private message.