What E-Mail Clients do you use?

Hey guys,

I am very interested in what email clients you guys use. I am currently searching for an alternative to Outlook and Thunderbird. Would be awesome if they work on Windows and Mac.


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Thunderbird, Gmail and Inbox. Gmail will get a new design soon btw.

I hate to say it but i use Outlook Mac for business, and Apple mail for pleasure, as well as Gmail if i think im likely to get spammed.

Ive been meaning to try out Nylas which looks very promising, however the company that made it gave it up last year. It’s been open sourced and picked up by the community, so development continues. Worth a look, particlularly Mailspring which is a fork by one of the original authors.

I am using airmail. I’m afraid there’s no Windows version of it though.

I use Apple Mail and I’m afraid there is no Windows version of it, either ;).

Apple Mail, configured in a very peculiar way

Postbox, which is a commercial Thunderbird fork that runs on both Mac and Windows.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

@lukasbestle Does Postbox supports CalDAV and CardDAV? Its not listed as an feature on their site or is their a workaround to use it? :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell no, but at least on macOS Postbox has access to the system contacts, which support CardDAV. Regarding CalDAV: I don‘t even know if Postbox has a built-in calendar. I use it just for email.

Hey yeah good to know :slight_smile: I’m also using it right now but until this day they dont have a built-in calendar :smiley:

I use the free (ad-free too) of Zoho Mail. I strictly uses its web mail app which is quite nice. I can’t honestly say I’m loyal to it due to some downtime I’ve experienced over the years and finding messages (its search feature) is less than helpful. This Postbox looks interesting. A one-time payment too. Hmmm…

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… after testing apple mail, thunderbird, postbox and airmail:
mailmate (unfortunately mac-only)

Inbox, always. Love it.

German privacy-aware provider posteo and evolution as client

I used Apple Mail, but wasn’t really happy. I tried Airmail (Beta) today and it’s great. Maybe it will become my new mail app …

@S1SYPHOS Posteo looks awesome! Do you know if I can connect a custom domain with it? It doesn’t seem so.

I have just been trying out Spark which is free and very fast, even with webmail accounts. I just cleaned up my Gmail that was riddled with hundreds of promotional emails in minutes. Impressed!

Stopped using spark after reading this : https://www.reddit.com/r/privacy/comments/5grsan/do_not_use_the_spark_email_client_by_readdle/

Not sure if things have changed in the meantime though.

That would be awesome if that’s availible.

@manuelmoreale Thanks for point that out. Thats horrific. I wont be using it any more.

The people behind it are very open-minded, but answering your question I cannot :sunny:

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