Read email pop3

Hello I want to read emails from a pop3 server and wonder what’s the easiest way to do so with kirby or kirby toolkit. I know there are lot of ways to send email and getkirby already has written about. The reason I want to read emails from a server: I’ve a client who knows how to send emails but thats all. So he could add new content (images) with just a simple mail.

Better use a service for that. I use Mailgun for sending emails from Kirby, but I know it also has inbound routing feature. It will parse the incoming email and make an HTTP request to the URL you provide. You could then create a Kirby route to receive this request and do whatever you want to in Kirby.

Thanks, I didn’t know about it can also handle incoming emails. But I wonder if it supports attachments like images. I love the json I get and dont need to worry about myself. Really good thanks a lot!