Integration of Email Newsletter Services

Hi all!

Services like MailChimp and MadMimi are becoming quite popular, and many customers really like them. Despite their possible cost, they do offer a couple of serious advantages, from the customer’s perspective:

  • they offer a built-in, advanced email editor, that allows them to compose very good-looking and well-designed emails

  • they offer various tracking tools, which help the customer fine-tune future campaigns

It is possible to integrate Kirby with Disqus for blog commenting, and Snipcart for online stores. Similarly, is there a service for email newsletters, that would be just as easy to integrate with Kirby?

I am hoping that there may be an online service that will allow us to embed their email editor, subscriber list and campaign-managing control panel into a Kirby site. Is there such a thing?

I shared an unfinished project with another user. It integrated with SendGrid awhile ago.

Sorry, I included the wrong link. I had sent a zip file with the whole site directory and instructions via private message. I’ll forward you the contents of said message as well.

Hey Luke,

I’d be interested to see how you hooked up SendGrid as I’m looking to have my contact form submissions do so too, via Uniform.

I invited you to the conversation, since i couldnt locate the forward button on phone. Durr. If you cant see older messages let me know and i will try looking for forward on desktop browser.

Hi @Luke: Any chance you could share this here or on GitHub as this might also be of interest to other community members?

Its so out of date i hesitate to just throw it out there into the world, and i dont have time to revisit it atm… but i will look into putting it up on github this weekend. This is the third request now so i guess its time. I just wish i had more bandwidth to finish it and update to 2.0

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For what it’s worth, here it is:

It shouldn’t be hard to transition to 2.0 since it’s very basic. I stripped it down the the bare essentials I think (but I did not actually test implementation into a new installation after doing so).

There’s the same basic instructions provided in the readme that I shared in my previous message, and I never had any follow up questions to the several people I’ve shared this with.

The concept is a modular e-mail compiler that takes nice organized CSS and inlines it at the point of deployment. It also supports headers/footers that append to seperate body/content files for easy template building (just build a new body message, no repeat code).

If someone wants to reorganize it into a proper 2.0 plugin structure or improve it in anyway, feel free to submit push requests to the repository above and I will take a look at them.

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there is such a thing now for mailjet.