What documentation do you hand over to your client?

Hey there,

one of my projects is coming to an end I would like to ask what you guys are handing your client over?

Do you provide any self made documentation?
Do you provide any .pdf where you cover the basics of markdown?
Do you provide a full documentation of how to use kirby text and what tags you can use?
Do you just link to some websites?
Do you just give an introduction workshop to kirby and that is enough?

Before I build or write something my own, I would like to ask if someone has something to share. Sure this depends from client to client but some basic guidelines (especially for kirby tags) are most likely always needed.

@jbeyerstedt wrote a German manual that might be an inspiration.

I generally document the most important and complex parts of the site (database stuff, forms etc.) so that the client will have the information available when changing web hosts or in case something doesn’t work. Besides that, I explain the Panel to my clients, but most of the time, everything is pretty much obvious.

I have to do this for a client, in particular I’d like to offer them some kind of content editing cheatsheet, because they’re not familiar with Markdown (yet) and there are a couple custom tags on their site.
I was thinking of a plugin that would display this kind of help somewhere in the panel. Not sure exactly how. Perhaps a collapsible field.

I thought about something like that too. Maybe a widget in the panel. Something that is accessible from every page without the need to leave it. Not sure how to build that tho

If you don’t want to leave the page, then a custom field is your only option, I’m afraid. For a panel widget, the user would have to leave the page.

Kirby does have the info field, but it is better suited for specific information about the current blueprint, not really for large blocks of general information.

I am currently working on a website where 10 different persons eventually add content. Before they started the website was almost completely built and I had 4 pages as user guide: general use, typo with markdown and media. During this process questions appeared and I had the opportunity to improve the documentation. As soon as all the content is there and we can go online I will kick out the documentation and use it for the next project. It turned out to be an effective procedure.

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Kirby has Field instructions, which I use to show a help for the user under each field in the Panel.
For my feeling, this is much better than Placeholders, because they are hidden, if something has been typed in a field.

And this three ways can not be lost by a user. So the docus are visible at any time a user needs them.

However, field instructions as well as the info field, are nice for guiding users with individual fields. They are not suited for extensive documentation of the project, though.

For textarea fields, it should be possible to create a custom field with a help popup like the visual markdown field has it (with or without external links).

It would be possible to create a plugin that is like a panel book with pages, sections etc. No fields to save there, only text written in the blueprint. :slight_smile:

And no, I will not build it.


In the past, I’ve created a simple panel widget that pulls it’s content from a hidden page that contains the documentation. Like so:

If there is demand, I’ll release it as a plugin.


@Caleb That’d be great :slight_smile:

Alrighty, here’s the plugin: Panel Widget: Content Viewer