What are your go-to kirby add-ons?

As I start to get more familiar with Kirby I find myself wondering, what are your go-to kirby add-ons? I use the term “add-ons” so as not to limit it to plugins. I know there are a bunch of gems out there. Perhaps it’s a kirbytext extension or a panel field or a custom plugin you copy from project to project?

As I’m starting a new project I found myself using the following so far:

Here are a number I want to try out soon (in no particular order) when I get some time to see how they improve my development workflow:

What are the add-ons you’ve found indispensable?

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I almost only use my own plugins, but I also have some favourites that are not my own.


Want to try OR try more:


I have used:

I want to try out:

I have created for myself (not released):

  • Sitemap.xml
  • AWS S3 uploader
  • Podcast.rss
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My “Kirby boilerplate” nowadays includes the following :

  • An enhanced .htaccess (mostly character encoding, compression and caching settings taken from h5bp’s recs)
  • A gulpfile.js that deals with all the uglification / minification of the assets.
  • The Cachebuster plugin that greatly replaces gulp-rev
  • A image.upload / image.replace big hook combining Image Shrink+ TinyPNG + Dominant color + Some custom infos I get from images.
  • A panel.page.create hook that populates a hidden ‘uniqueid’ field so that I can easily target a specific page later.
  • Snippetfield I find myself using quite regularly.
  • Selector I use every time image selection is on the table.
  • The tabs field to keep everything in order.
  • Static Translations and Translations in case of multilanguage.

Thanks for sharing these guys! There are quite a few listed I wasn’t even aware of. I’m going to have some fun checking these out.

If anyone else cares to share, please do!

Plugins I use on pretty much every site, in no particular order:

Also used: Colorlist, Comments, oEmbed

Want to try: Auto Git, Cachebuster, Modules or Builder (I believe both can be useful for different use cases), Image Shrink, Static Translations and Translations for a site I’ll have to switch to multilanguage later this year.

I try to not use to many plugin:

Want to try: all of the plugins mentionned in this topic :smiley: