Website Images (generating) very slow

I just launched this site via GoDaddy
It’s hosted on Linux and cPanel.

It looks like every-time I visit the website it is rendering the images (doing the crop and resize) over and over again. Somebody has experience with this kind of problem?

I’m also lazy loading images.

Have you actually verified that the images are deleted and recreated on each page load, or do you think so because loading is slow?

I did not verify this yet. So it is an assumption from me. Can you help me how I can verify this?

It’s also a possibility the GoDaddy server is super slow. Not sure how I can verify this too.

You could watch the file system to see if that happens. But to me it seems you are loading quite a bit of stuff there, it even makes my fan go crazy when loading the website.

Yeah that is true. The header experience of the homepage is 37 images or something. But I also have the same behaviour on the subpages that only have 4 of them.

I also have this website running on my personal server and it does not show the same lagging image problem:

Is it possible that GoDaddy is blocking the caching or something?

I’d suggest that you check the site in Lighthouse. The initial server response time is rather slow plus third party cookies that block rendering.

I also see a JavaScript error in the console.

The overall results are indeed better on your own server.

Thanks for your support, I think the best thing to do is just advice the client to move away from GoDaddy. Also hosting is very expensive and they choose the most expensive package.

Thanks as always @texnixe :pray: