Advice for speeding up site

Working on this website right now (here’s a draft)
Right now the website is loading really slowly on the web, same with all the assets. I’ve kept them under 1mb but it seems like I’ll have to compress them more, would that solve the full issue?

The set up is everything is under the “home” page, and each page you link to is a child of that home page, and the links in each subpage are children of that subpage.

I’m also using the following plugins:
SCSS Kirby

Finally, I keep getting toString() errors on all of the pages except the bottom right one so click that one to view the slow loading problem.

There are a number of things to do to speed up a website, but the biggest wins are as follows:

  1. Optimise your images further
  2. Properly configure .htaccess to serve things over gzip and properly setup browser caching
  3. consolidate your css and javascript into single files and minify. If you can, defer the loading of javascript.

Assuming your on a Mac, theres a couple of guides on my blog for this… Using Kirby to optimise CSS & Javascript and Using the CLI to optimise images. You can get a detailed report on the things to fix on your site with Sitespeed.iotheres a guide for that too!

tl;dr - Use imgoptim and imgalpha on your images, borrow the relevant cache and Gzip .htaccess rules from the HTML5 boiler plate. Run your css through CssNano CLi, run your javascript through uglify

Theres a cli tool for imageoptim that you run recursively through a Kirby site.

Your image dimensions are also quite large, scale them down to something closer to the size you are using them on the page before optimising them. Looks like many of them are actually 3 times bigger then your using them at.