Extremely slow loading time

My website atm needs about a minute to load a page …

At first the images where way to big, I replaced the images with very small versions of max 200kb, most of them way lower.

What can be the problem?

Are these big images files really gone, or do i have to delete them in a different way maybe? I replaced them via the cms so …


Check your browsers network tab to find out what takes so long. there can be many reasons why a website is slow, starting from a slow server, huge files that have to be loaded, many images without a lazy loading strategy etc.

Is the site already online?

Yes, this is the url https://kb-tb.be

For the record it is only a temporary hosting for our teachers to check the project, the final hosting will be taken care of by the customers and a license off course will be purchased by then! :slight_smile:

There are still some large images, but the page still loads quite fast my end.

Having said that, you do load fonts from remote servers that might take long on first load.

But as I said, please check your network tab.

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I can confirm that loading the site takes over a minute for me as well, despite the total size being just over 1 MB. The big images (each ca 200 kB each, which could still be optimized but does not explain the slowness) are literally “trickling down” into the browser (retro feeling from the good ol’ dialup modem times…).

Since the Lighthouse report does not indicate any major issues either, my bet would be on a (temporary or permanent) connectivity/performance issue with the server?

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There was something wrong with the server indeed I guess, everything is loading properly since 2 hours and I didn’t make changes in the code.

Thanks for having a look!