Webp and image field

webp images do not work with the panel image field.

That’s right, .webp does not qualify as an image. The thumb function currently doesn’t support webp either at the moment.

Please feel free to create an issue on GitHub if you haven’t yet.

Correct, that’s why I posted.

If you look at Can I use .webp, you see, that this file type is not supported by some browsers:

That is, why I would not use this file type (less than 50 % of the users can see this format in Germany!).

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Since when is limited browser support a reason not to use a format? Of course you would have to use other formats for browsers that do not support .webp, but that is another story and is no reason not to feed .webp to those browsers that do support it. It is the nature of the web that not all features are supported in all browsers and as web devs we have to take care of that.

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@fabianmichael talked about webp and kirby in this post. maybe it can shed some light on why its not built into kirby right now.

The panel image field has nothing to do with thumbnails.

This went off topic.

I created an issue on GitHub. The image field creates a thumbnail of the image so the thumbnail class would have to support webp as well.

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