Web host recommendations

I had a very strange issue today (which I nearly wrote a post about—but it ended up being totally incoherent) when my panel stopped responding to anything I was doing, kept displaying an “Unauthenticated” message, wasn’t allowing me to create pages, existing pages started disappearing, would log me out anytime I clicked on anything, and finally my own username and password stopped working!

I don’t really know what was going on, but the web host I was using (and always have used, for 20+ projects), Bluehost, I think began using some kind of really hardcore caching that meant changes on the page wouldn’t take effect sometimes for hours (and I suppose might have been messing with my panel session). It was especially weird because I could visit my domain (i.e. domain.org/panel) in any browser, incognito or not, and it would log me in directly without asking.

Anyways, I have no idea, but that’s all to say: does anyone have recommendations for web hosts? I’m ideally looking for something like Bluehost, shared hosting, but which functions well, but also curious about other setups (like Digital Ocean, etc). Any help is appreciated, as after today’s episode I need to find something new (for myself plus the 2~ accounts a month I open for client work).


Hey there,
read this post and you’ll find something :wink:


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