Visual image crop, zoomin, position and resize

Hi, for a showcase slider purpose i’m looking for a way for the user to choose how his image will be displayed in the slider. It will be a variable width, fixed height slider, each image is displayed as the background “contain” of it’s slide. That mean that for the moment the moment, the slider respect the aspect ratio of each file. It’s great, however, when the file is a portrait, it leave too much blank space and its not very beautiful. So i’d like to be able to zoom in a part of the image in order for it to cover more space. For that matter i need a solution for the user to resize, zoomin “lossless crop” and position its image in the slider area. I tried but its not doing quite what i wanted… Do you see any solution?

You probably want Focus Crop. Lets you pick a point on the image the crop will be centred around, I think thats the closest to what you want, but it wont zoom as such, its more picking the focal point of the image and getting crop of that area to a size you set through code rather then user settable in the panel (but you could wire up the values to some custom fields to enable that).

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In addition to picking the focus point, you could also let the user define a with and height value to crop by around the selected focus point.

Maybe you could even combine this with the image size position plugin for the positioning part.

If you need something more advanced, you would have to create a custom field.