Using external sources for content (Dropbox, etc.)

Hey there,

i was wondering how i could easily work out my concept. I want a digital bureau. You know, organising all the papers you receive (Bills, Paychecks, etc.) in a small Kirby application. For doing so i thought about using something like for making pictures with the cell phone and sending them to my Dropbox Account.

Ideally my Kirby application would be linked to the Dropbox folder(s) for content input and would recognize, if there were any new uploads. The Kirby application would then setup a default page for every File/Item and fill it with data the app gained through OCR-Recognition.

So far so good. For now i’d like to know, how to establish a Dropbox Link for syncing the content-folder. Is that possible?
As seen here: it works in the other direction…

Any suggestions?

Kind regards Tobi

Hm, maybe I’m missing something here, because I have never used Dropbox with Kirby, but shouldn’t that setup sync in both directions?

Hi @texnixe,

thanks for your answer. I think i’d use this setup tutorial and tell you, what’s possible. In the meantime i thought about setting up a »drafts« container in Dropbox and use it for filling a form for the new page, since camscanner doesn’t produce multi-page PDFs and you have to choose multiple PDFs for one bill. So you have to decide, which PDFs belong to which exact bill.

But i’ll keep you postet. Maybe someone is interested in such a solution…

Kind regards Tobi

Hey @ToGe88,

To avoid Dropbox installation, I played with As long as you do not need real-time syncronization, the service is free.

so long

Hey thanks for your reply.

But i figured another, even better way. Since i’m working with Vue in the frontend and already export all the content from Kirby to an API i’ll connect to Dropbox via Dropbox SDK and rendering the API via Vue. I’ll let you know how combining these three technologies will work.

Greets Tobi

any updates on this?