Upload a new file button in panel doesn't work on Safari

Hi there,
I’ve got a site running on Kirby 2 and it seems that the ‘Upload a new file’ button in the panel isn’t working on Safari. I can drag and drop a file from the desktop and that works just fine, it’s just that the ‘+’ button in the sidebar when editing content and the ‘Upload a new file’ button in the files page don’t do anything when clicked… is anyone else having this problem? They work fine in Chrome.

Are you using the latest KIrby 2 version (2.5.13)? Which version of Safari? Note that Kirby 2 will not get any updates anymore, end of December is end of life.

I can’t find an issue related to this. Any errors in console?

Thanks @texnixe,

Safari Version 14.0.1
No, I’m on 2.5.8 still Kirby version, I’ll try updating.

No, nothing in console that I can see!

Ok, seems to be the latest Safari version but an outdated Kirby version. Doesn’t sound like a promising combination.

I think if it doesn’t work after the update, you are probably out of luck.

Yeah, still not working, it’s ok, there’s workarounds.

I guess I should update to kirby 3 but I can’t face it! (And the client doesn’t really have the money to fund it!)

I found this https://discussions.apple.com/thread/252051341

There is a bug in the latest Safari, all file upload buttons are dead :frowning_face:

Dragndrop still works.

Thanks @raulir, I’ve pushed my client onto Chrome