Upgrading from 2.0.6 to latest (2.5.5)

Hi There.

I have a working kirby website with no console access with the provider.
Version is 2.0.6
Trying to Up it to 2.5.5 to get UNIFORM plugin working
replacing, the dirty way, the “kirby” and the “panel” folder
as advised here
breaks the website --> http 500
Try to replace panel and blueprints as indicated in some posts without success.

Before digging further if anyone would have a hint, that would be welcome !

Thanks in advance


What PHP version are you using? Are there any files in the toolkit (/kirby/vendor/getkirby/toolkit)?

Hi Thanks for the highlights
Indeed Php is 5.3.6…
Emptying the toolkit didn’t help.

I guess it is time to get rid of that old provider and start clean.

Thank for the swift answer.

No, the toolkit files should be there, don’t delete them, I just wanted to make sure the folder wasn’t empty for some reason.

Well, you need at least PHP 5.4, we recommend PHP 7.x, Kirby 2.5.5. won’t run on 5.3.

Will do so.
Thanks a million