Upgrade your PHP version if still using PHP <= 5.5!

Starting today, PHP 5.5 is end of life. This means that there will be no further security updates for PHP 5.5 or lower.

If you still use PHP 5.5 or an even older version, it is strongly recommended to upgrade to a newer PHP version to ensure the security of your Kirby sites.

PHP 5.6, the oldest still supported PHP version, will receive security updates until 31 Dec 2018, this is 2.5 years from now.
And while you are at it, consider upgrading to PHP 7 to benefit from the very noticeable performance improvements.


i’m using the PHP Version 7.0.3 :slight_smile:

Then you are fine for another 2 years. :wink:

you mean 5.5 have Security Problems?

Not yet, but if it had any, they wouldn’t be fixed starting today. You should only ever use software that is still “supported” (that is, still receives updates).

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You had me at “noticeable performance improvements”

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