Upgrade.php conversion script returns a 404 page

Hi everyone, congratulations for launching Kirby 3!
I was following the migration docs and the part where it says kirby 3 uses _ instead of - for folders and how you can convert your content folder to this new rule.

What I did:

The page returned a 404.

Did I miss something? Is there anything I should do before this?


Maybe a typo in your file name?

And are you using the Kirby Valet Driver?
See: Webserver recommendation for local development (Mac)

Does the Starterkit itself run including the Panel?

@texnixe I think I’m right:

@distantnative I’m not using Valet+ but basic Valet and I never had any problem on Kirby 2. I also accessed Kirby 3 panel without any trouble and created my user. Still going to check for the driver file but I don’t even have an existing folder to place it in.

Just to clarify - Valet from Laravel works out of the box. Valet+ is made by a third party on top of the official Valet, and it’s Kirby driver is about 6 months behind, and needs the update.

My bad - my eyes were sure they read the + in there.

Yep, that looks good.

Don’t worry, both Valet and Valet plus seems to use the same valet link commande line so that’s understandable with the other topic being discussed right now!

Yes thats right. Valet+ is valet, its just been extended a little to make it easy to switch PHP version and some extra bells and whistles.

I still think it might be valet. If I’m not mistaken, this is the the valet (not +) driver for Kirby: https://github.com/laravel/valet/blob/master/cli/drivers/KirbyValetDriver.php

And I’m really not familiar with the system, but it seems from a first glance, that it only allows static files, the index.php and the panel/index.php to be accessed?

It works just fine K3, certainly for the past few months. I’ve not tried it with todays release yet but give me a few and i will…

fyi @distantnative The drivers are explained here and for the most part shouldnt need to mess with them, unless your doing something off the wall.

I’m not saying it does not work with K3… cause K3 just needs the index.php. But it might still block access to the upgrade.php which usually isn’t part of Kirby 3.

Other point could be the .htaccess- any custom rules there, @Thomasorus?

Oh yes, of course, I see what you mean now. Ill see what happens for me in a minute.

So I just tried adding the driver to both these folders:

  • /Users/thomasorus/.composer/vendor/weprovide/valet/cli/drivers
  • /Users/thomasorus/.composer/vendor/weprovide/valet-plus/cli/drivers

I restarted valet but no change. As for the .htaccess I didn’t changed anything from the starterkit outside of emptying the content folder and adding my content.

Do you have any other environment to test in? Since I know this script to work just fine, so I’d suspect it has to do with your setup, either Valet or something else. And somehow it just doesn’t find the file or refuses to deliver it, because the call the to script itself fails.

Wait a minute, you have both installed? Should really have one or the other, they don’t play nicely together.

No, sorry for the confusion, I don’t have both installed. I just copy pasted both just to be sure.
@texnixe I’m installing MAMP right now to try with it.

Aaaaaaand @texnixe nailed it! The script worked using MAMP as the local server. So I’m not sure what the problem is but well, it’s done so that’s cool. Just to resume a bit:

  • I was using valet (not valet plus)
  • I had access to the panel without the driver, and could create users and content
  • The kirby valet drivers did not change anything
  • In the end MAMP did the trick.

So maybe it has to do with something inside my php configuration?

I only have Valet Plus installed, so I can’t test with Valet without the Plus. And I’m not really into this stuff…