Upgrade.php conversion script returns a 404 page


I think it really is the valet driver (already included). Only allowing access to index.php and panel/index.php. K3 frontend and panel get served through the index.php - so no problem. But when you want to access upgrade.php, the driver blocks it.



I think so to. As i understand them, the drivers are a bridge between Valet and Nginx that tell it how to behave, I guess just have to wait for the Laravel guys to catch up and update the driver. I’ll pop over and raise an issue on Valets Github in a minute.



I fiddled around with the Valet+ driver (which should also fly for Valet) and got the upgrade working on a clean starter kit. I added an old style content folder and watched the script update it.

Just need to add this to the frontControllerPath method above the existing rule for index.php but below the panel rule:

if ($uri === '/upgrade.php')  {
    return $sitePath.'/upgrade.php';

Heres the full driver in a gist.

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