Updating Kirby to 3.9.1


After updating kirby locally to 3.9 (PHP version is 8.1.13) I had some issues:

  1. I needed to add ?? '' everywhere I had an string issue ( Solved)

  2. I getting and error in this file /site/plugins/k3-pagesdisplay-section/src/PagesDisplaySection.php

telling me TypeError array_replace_recursive(): Argument #1 ($array) must be of type array, string given

Already tried reinstalling Kirby but no luck. Any hints?

Make sure you also updated all plugins

Indeed that was the issue! thank you @texnixe :slight_smile:

Actually the panel is also saying

Failed to fetch

and the console gives an 500 internal server error with this message

"The Toolkit\Queryclass has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version. UseQuery\Query instead: Kirby\\Query\\Query::factory($query)->resolve($data)."

@texnixe any hints?

Which other plugins do you have installed?


Where does the error come from? Check the stack trace.

In the index.js:

const o = await fetch([t.endpoint, e].join(t.endpoint.endsWith("/") || e.startsWith("/") ? "" : "/"), s);

this a part of the blueprint that is not being shown:

  # The first column has one section for the subpages of the `photography` page in card layout
  # It reuses the pages section defined in `/site/blueprints/sections/albums.yml`
  - width: 2/3
        extends: sections/albums
        headline: CV1
        type: pagetable
            label: Title
            text: '{{ page.title }}'
            width: 1/3
            label: Classe
            text: '{{ page.tags }}'
            label: Mail HES
            text: '{{ page.email }}'
        query: site.index.filterBy('tags', '*=', 'CV1')

You are using a plugin here that is not listed above. Again, make sure to update all your plugins, and updating also means clearing the media folder.

Sorry I forgot to put in but the plugin in there already and updated

I think is just not compatible yet