Update to kirby 3.10.0 is not working

I’m using a “.sh” file for deployment, and in this file I have some commands for deployment. Now I want to update the kirby version from 3.9.8 to 3.10.0.

Why this line is not working “git checkout tags/3.10.0

I always got this error: pathspec ‘tags/3.10.0’ did not match any file(s) known to git

It seems like you don’t have any tags related to this version.

The command to check out a tag is

git checkout 3.10.0

after fetching everything from remote…

Why the git tag command is not working.

In this link Kirby 3.10.0 is there

I don’t understand your question. The command to check out a tag, is git checkout not git tag

Are you in the right folder? Did you try the command I posted above? Did you fetch all remotes?

So to check out the tag

git fetch && git checkout 3.10.0

Yes, I tried this command and received the same error: “pathspec ‘3.10.0’ did not match any file(s) known to git”

I also used “git fetch” and “git fetch --all” to fetch all remote but received the same error.

Are you in the right repo? How is the kirby repo integrated into your project, as a submodule? The code I posted above worked for me for the kirby repo.

Sorry, I was in the wrong repo. I was in the “GitHub - getkirby/plainkit: The most minimal setup of Kirby – perfect for when you already know your way around” plainkit repo. Now the git command is working.

Why is this 3.10.0 version not available in the plainkit repo?

Because we don’t update the kits with old kirby versions once a newer Kirby version is out, this simply doesn’t make sense. You usually only clone a kit once, then only update the kirby version, not the kit repo.